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Samuel Palmer (1805-80)
Wise men make proverbs, but fools repeat them.
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  Six Principles of Magic
1. Every magician has a beautiful vision for the world.
2. Every system of magic is a single artists tool, used to reshape reality.
3. If you believe, it shall exist.
4. When you call, they will answer.
5. Success and failure, is one and the same: ignorance and depression is the enemy.
6. Be like all equally, and you shall unite; refuse and separate.

by Dalamar
  Mythology of THOTH
Thoth Egyptian God
Discover more about the myth and legend of Thoth & The Book of THOTH


Also called Ken
K or hard C
Old Norse name: Kaun
Flower: gorse, wild rose
Number: 3
Meaning: A torch.
Divinatory meaning: Enlightenment needs to be tempered with wisdom before its true worth and power can be known. Illumination allows you to see in the dark, enlightenment is spiritual illumination. When your outlook is lit up by the torch then you see things in a new and different light. The new understanding gained by this enlightenment needs to be applied with wisdom before its true worth can be known. This is not a time for complacency, but for realising that this is but a starting point that will lead to greater things. It can also represent the wrath of God, power, elemental forces, cleansing fire, justice and casting down of vanity. Ultimately it reminds us that the tempering of knowledge with wisdom results in enlightenment.
Herb: Cowslip
Tree: Pine
Gemstone: Bloodstone: Also known as Heliotrope. This stone is said to have a grounding and cleaning effect on the physical body and assists healingin all blood and circulation disorders. It provides mental balance and increases courage. The Ancient Egyptians used this stone to help calm, groundand revitalise. It is an excellent stone for bringing spiritual qualities into everyday life. Talisman for the first half Aries.
Chakra: Base / Heart
Colour: Green with red flecks
Crystal System: Triagonal
Hardness: 7

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  Crowley Quotes
"In the absence of will-power the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless."

Aleister Crowley

The Book of THOTH

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