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1. Every magician has a beautiful vision for the world.
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- The 10 Letter Code -

This article is is published courtesy of James E Finn

- The 10 Letter Code -
An explanation according to the archetypal information.


For the last few days I have been thinking about how I should write this. After juggling a few approaches, I believe the direct approach is best.

At the beginning of the fourth world (our world today) the Star People removed, taught, and reinserted into the population "helpers," people like you and me, to work with and guide humanity as we got back on our feet. The exact same thing is happening now as the Star People prepare for the coming destruction event that will usher in the so-called Fifth world. These are the people that researchers have been tripping over, saying these knowledgeable people in our history were the survivors of a high civilization called Atlantis. They were not. They were people like you and me, trained just like today's abductees who say they are being trained to help humanity because of what is coming, they were / are just - people. They have been given many names in myth, I choose to call them The Sons of the Gods.

Things went, more or less, well here until about 3400 BC when all hell started to break loose in a confined area - Egypt and Mesopotamia. The same event that "created the fourth world," came back in an event that was maybe half as intense. The doctrine of the day ("in case of the end of all - break glass") was the preserved oral tradition passed down from generation to generation in what we today call the Goddess culture. This information DID NOT COVER MINOR EVENTS like the one that arrived. Thinking it was THE end event, they defaulted to the base information that said the "gods" should arrive to help because the earth was about to be swept away - again. The Star People did not arrive - it was only a minor event.

To make a long story short, these Sons of the Gods (the Shemsu Hr - followers of Horus) figured the "gods" were angry with them because they were not doing things right - hence maybe the reason they didn't arrive? They divided over this thinking. Some thought a change in beliefs was needed because the old oral tradition had become corrupt. Some did not. The "change" happened anyway and became Egypt and Sumer as we have read about. The rest that remained loyal to the ancient information went into hiding. We do not hear about the faithful hidden group until the creation of Christianity, when it was again believed the destruction event (now called "the day of the Lord") was at hand, and all was about to be swept away. The hidden information in this new religion said a multitude of "angels" would come from the sky and remove the chosen. The picture was painted in the text as two working in a field, one would be taken, the other left behind. The bottom line is, it was NOT the time of the end. They were wrong - they all were eventually killed - the religion they created continued on into history - end of story. Or is it?

We suddenly see, about maybe 1000 or so years later, a new subject in our history. We call it today: UFOs in history. It seems the Star People popped in for a visit. It also seems they realized that a great part of humanity, now under the crush of Christianity, was without guidance. It also seems there was a "quest" being written about. Humanity was looking, and the Star People, it seems, had chosen a person around the 1500s to write down the information necessary.

The knowledge was again in the world. He knew how the trouble began for us. This person said:

The gods will make it appear to humans
that they are the initiators of a great conflict.
Before the sky is seen as serene, sword and lance.
the greatest damage will be inflicted to the left.

His date for this is 3203 BC. And truly, before "the sky" was again serene (the end of said MINOR climactic event), sword and lance (the unification) did fly. The work is that of Nostradamus (Century 1:91). He "hid" this work so well that the arguments continue to fly until this day. There is a way in - we may discuss that at another time as we are dealing with the 10 letter code right now.

Anyway, it seems this information was kept for maybe 150 or so years, and then it died out - again. The monument with the 10 letter code (one of a small group of monuments at Shugborough House in central England) seems to be a last transmission of their data (the cross monument of Hendaye seems to be theirs as well). The code oddly says the same thing (in a different way) as Nostradamus' line above. It isolates the original cause of our problems.

No matter how strange all of this sounds, it seems, if one looks deep enough, one will find the same information we are looking at here. Jorge Luis Borges (HOR-hay LWEES BHOR-hays) once spoke of a group that, although they seemed to still exist (and in fact had been around for thousands of years), no longer understood the depth of the message they carried. Borges said of this group: Lacking a sacred book to unify them as the Scripture does Israel, lacking a common memory, lacking that other social memory which is language, scattered across the face of the earth, differing in color and features, only one thing - the Secret - unites them and will unite them until the end of time.

The bold print I inserted at the end of the last line is for a reason. This sect is here, supposedly, with information concerning that very topic - what we call The End of Time. Unfortunately, it seems they have forgotten the message. Actually, these modern artisans Borges talks about haven't really forgotten it - they simply never had it. They are a self-appointed replacement for the original group that died out 2000 years ago. This puts a different spin on Borges' line: Once upon a time, in addition to the Secret, there was a legend (and perhaps also a cosmogonic myth), but the superficial men of the Phoenix have forgotten it, and today they conserve only the obscure tradition of some cosmic punishment: of a punishment, or a pact, or a privilege, for the versions differ, and they scarcely hint at the verdict of a God who grants eternity to a race of men if they will only carry out a certain rite, generation after generation.

"They" refers to the sect. The only rite that was supposed to be carried out was the transmission of the secret from generation to generation. As Borges says: I can testify that the performance of the rite is the only religious practice observed by the sectarians. The rite itself constitutes the Secret. And the Secret is transmitted from generation to generation ....

Because the new group never had it PASSED TO THEM (hence the reason they DON'T KNOW IT) it is, as Borges says - LOST. It has been replaced by a new doctrine created by outsiders and is connected to - the Holy Graal.

1) The OHG (Order of the Holy Graal) does know that the time of Christianity is the time of the information cut-off, but, they make the reconnection to Joseph of Arimathea. This is wrong. The reconnection should be to Saul of Tarsus and the Apostles. THEY were the group.

2) Also, they seem to miss the point that Jesus had nothing to do with anything. His tragic death was simply used by Saul / Paul to get the archetypal information out to the common people in the form of a sacrificial religion - the idea of the Dying God - hence the reason there were earthquakes and the sky grew dark at his "death." Symbols of the coming destruction.

3) The OHG also does not seem to know about the ancient method of languaging used on the monument. Their hidden language connection is to mathematics. The ancient method was directly connected to the original letter symbolism that predates the Semitic family of languages as we know them.

Fulcanelli, whose interpretation is the closest attempt I have seen in modern times, is also wrong. If Fulcanelli knew the ancient method, he would have never bobbled such a simple translation as the "four A's" on the Hendaye monument. The four A's do not represent the four ages. They represent the Hebrew word AD ( referred to without vowel points as the ancient Hebrew) which means, mist, vapor, and directly ties to the beginning of the fourth world in the vein of the coming destruction. Klein, in his Hebrew Etymological Dictionary, shows this to possibly be an Akkadian loan word that connects to, flood, inundation, another destruction clue.

Through this method there is a way to prove this. There are two ancient letters, that when either is added to the end of a word can show the ancient meaning, if it still exists. Although this is not the case here (but does work in the Akkadian), the word ADN [Blocked Ads] defines as: base, foundation, pedestal, socket of a column, which is exactly where the "four A's" (along with other symbols) are found on the cross at Hendaye. The "four A's" represent A and four. A is aleph and four is gamatria - and shows the letter daleth. Hence A and D.

If the OHG thinks that they can restore the wasteland the way they are going, they need to rethink their position - and time is running out.

There is another document / book from the time of Nostradamus. It is called today the Voynich manuscript. The work I have done on this, translations done the same way as the "10 letter code" we are talking about, show it is an end times document in the vein of the work done by Nostradamus. It pops up in history in Prague about 10 years or so after Nostradamus died. How hard would it be to get a book from France to Prague in 10 years? I will never be able to prove the work was done by Nostradamus, but it is VERY curious. The picture below is from the manuscript, and represents the cause of the coming event. It is today called a Galactic Core Explosion. Scientific measurements (considering that this is a drawing, and not an exact astronomical plotting) show the outer ring passes through our solar system. You decide.

If our ten letter code is a last message from this group that was to be here to help at the time of the event, then it should translate according to the ancient method they knew and speak in the context of the archetypal information. This is what code says:

We have a string of letters deliberately created to make the number 10. Ten is the numeric representation of a complete cycle. The code, according to information given, is a set of eight numbers, the numeric representation of death and rebirth, and two numbers, the representation of chaos.

The first meaning here is derived from the O of the string of eight letters. The second will be the U. The third will be the OS. The fourth will be VAVV. And last, the DM.

This letter is derived from Hebrew letter ayin. Ayin itself is derived from the ancient sign of the EYE. The EYE ties directly to the destruction as the manifestation of the galactic center in the sky. Dr LaViolette, the scientist who has done all the work on this subject (which he calls a galactic superwave) has said about this EYE:

As mentioned in Earth Under Fire, our Galaxy's nuclear bulge would appear as a giant punishing luminous eye in the heavens during a Galactic core explosion. Ancient Egyptian myth describes mankind being punished by the Eye of Atum-Re (the Creator). In another myth it is the celestial Eye of Horus that brings destruction.

So we begin this translation with the idea of - the EYE.

The letter U is derived from Hebrew letter vav, which is a conjunction - the idea of joining: And, but, therefore, etc. Since this "code" is not a "sentence," we are dealing with the base idea behind a conjunction, and "connected to" will suffice. So far the EYE is connected to, in some way, our next letters: OS.

O, as we saw above, is Hebrew ayin. S, could either be Hebrew letters: sin (S), Shin (S), or Shin (sh). In this case we are dealing with, ayin shin (sh).
is connected to the constellation of the Great Bear. The story behind this constellation has a feminine character (Callisto - representing here the ancient Goddess culture) being seduced by a male god, Zeus (in history the new male gods and their new culture). The Great Bear story is the story of Callisto, who is the daughter of the King of Arcadia. Information behind the 10 letter code monument is connected to - Arcadia.

This is the simplest of all the code letters. Like U above, it it the pronunciation (vav) and spelling (VV) of the letter vav. So we have thus far, the eye of the destruction, which is connected to the story behind the Great Bear constellation, that of the feminine dominance by a male high god, what I call the Great Change in history, which is connected to ... ?

Our last word is the Hebrew DM.
As I said earlier, Nostradamus knew. We think of him today as a tabloid sensation only, or a man who was so mystical we may never know his meanings. However, the key "in" is the archetypal information and his quatrains are the hiding technique.

Nostradamus learned that the ancient Goddess culture has been dominated by the new cult of male Gods. He also knew what information was now confused and lost. The original information had to do with the return of the Star People at the time of the End of all. This information had suffered a change 2000 years ago. The multiplicity of beings (the Star People) had become angels in the text, and they were not coming alone - there was now a "messiah" coming with him. A messiah that was never supposed to fill the roll of this cosmic Christ. Ask any Rabbi. Nostradamus said: Century 5:53:

The law of the Sun and of Venus in contention,
appropriating the spirit of prophecy:
Neither one will be understood,
The law of the grand Messiah will hold through the Sun.

The "sun" (the new male sun god cult) was fighting with Venus (the ancient established Goddess culture) trying to appropriate the spirit of prophecy (take command). Did it work? Neither one is understood today, and, the law of this great messiah is holding through the sun.

It has been a literal on and off blood bath for all of these millennia. We still war today. The word DM in the code is: blood, bloodshed, blood guilt.
The EYE that appeared about 3400 BC, led to the downfall of the Goddess culture and the rise of male dominant religion. It has spilled more innocent blood than I care to think about. We are where we are today because of that particular mistake. Either we learn the truth, or we will be swept away by what is coming.

The question is now begged: If the information is no longer in circulation, where does that leave us today? Actually, it leads to a battle of wits going on between the Govt ("There is nothing going on - really - would we lie ...") and the Star People (The extraterrestrials requested [in 1954] that Eisenhower make the public aware of extraterrestrial contact with Earth forthwith). The Star People have been planting pieces of real information in people's heads, mixed with some crazy sounding data, since this time. All that needs to be done is to reconstruct the picture according to the archetypal information and the scientific information of Dr Paul LaViolette. It is hysterical when we realize the Star People are actually playing a game with the Govt called FIND WALDO. Who, out of 6.5 billion people, has THE KEY?

Of course, you are also free to believe whatever you wish. Many believe that the Star People are here because they are up to no good and this is your prerogative. Many believe they have some down-right evil intentions for humanity - kind of like the Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man." :-)


This book is the beginning of your journey.

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Published on: 2005-02-09 (9224 reads)

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