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Legends of the Gods

The Egyptian Texts, edited with Translations

by E. A. Wallis Budge


Title Page
List of Plates and Illustrations


Summary: I. The Legend of the God Neb-er-tcher, and the History of Creation
Summary: II. The Legend of the Destruction of Mankind
Summary: III. The Legend Of Ra and Isis.
Summary: IV: The Legend of Heru-Behutet and the Winged Disk
Summary: V. Legend of the Birth of Horus, Son of Isis and Osiris.
Summary: VI. A Legend of Khensu Nefer-hetep and the Princess of Bekhten
Summary: VII. A Legend Of Khnemu And Of A Seven Years' Famine
Summary: VIII. The Legend of the Death and Resurrection of Horus, and Other Magical Texts
Summary: IX: The History of Isis and Osiris

Legends of Egyptian Gods

The History Of Creation--A.
The History of Creation--B.
The Legend of the Destruction of Mankind, Chapter I.
The Legend of the Destruction of Mankind, Chapter II.
The Legend Of The Destruction Of Mankind, Chapter III.
The Legend Of The Destruction Of Mankind, Chapter IV.
The Legend Of The Destruction Of Mankind, Chapter V.
The Legend Of Ra And Isis.
The Legend Of Horus Of Behutet And The Winged Disk.
A Hymn To Osiris And A Legend Of The Origin Of Horus.
A Legend of Ptah Nefer-Hetep and the Princess of Bekhten
A Legend of the God Khnemu and of a Seven Years' Famine

The Legend of the Death of Horus

I.--Incantations Against Reptiles and Noxious Creatures In General
The Chapter of Casting a Spell on the Cat
Another Chapter
II.--The Narrative of Isis

The History of Isis and Osiris

Section I
Section II
Section III
Section IV
Section V
Section VI
Section VII.
Section VIII.
Section IX
Section X
Section XI.
Section XII.
Section XIII.
Section XIV.
Section XV.
Section XVI.
Section XVII.
Section XVIII.
Section XIX.
Section XX.
Section XXI.
Section XXII. First Explanation of the Story
Section XXIII
Section XXIV
Section XXV: Second Explanation of the Story
Section XXVI
Section XXVII
Section XXX
Section XXXI
Section XXXII: Third Explanation of the Story
Sections XXXIII and XXXIV
Section XXXVI
Section XXXIX
Section XL
Section XLI and XLII: Fourth Explanation of the Story
Section XLIII
Section XLIV, etc.: Fifth Explanation of the Story


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The Book of THOTH

The Mysteries of the Tarot, Crowley, Magick and Egypt revealed at The Book of THOTH